Cheer Phi Smoov
A service organization whose motto is IMAGE IS EVERYTHING!

Since 1999...

The fall of 1999 marked a significant turning point in the identity of the Bronco Cheerleaders. Under the direction of their new Coach and Advisor, LaWanda D. Miller, squad members began to be identified by their tryout number and most outstanding quality stated in their tryout essay. Cheer Phi Smoov adopted a new constitution and a new set of standards. Only two lovely ladies were carried over from the previous year's squad and came to be known as the Founders of the "new" Cheer Phi:

Mesha Cameron, 99-00 Captain
#5 - Respect

Shauna Jones, 99-00 Co-Captain
#6 - Style

The 1999-2000 squad coined themselves as the 'Lovely Ladies and GQ Fellas of Cheer Phi Smoov' and brought in cowboy hats, fringed vests, and chaps to exemplify that "This Ain't Nothing but A Funky Bronco Show."

Football Season 1999

Cheer Phi # & Name

LaShonda Humphrey 10 Determination | Theo Robbins 68 Skills
Dawn Redrick 23 Integrity | Andrea Neal 7 Stamina
Landy Johnson 3 Leadership | Erica Andrews 29 Pep
Yvonne Richmond 14 Courage | Latoya Watson 17 Character
Shana Oliver 26 Quality | Maria McNair 15 Pride
Carmen Nichols 27 Enthusiasm | Estella Hernandez 25 Positive
Devian Blocker 1 Flexibility | Nathan Rhodes 33 Personality
Candice Holman 20 Versatility | Billy Pender 45 Coordination
Jared Murphy 30 Athleticism

Basketball Season 2000

Cheer Phi# & Name

Delletta Roberts 47 Mature | Jarreau Easterling 33 Extreme
Nicholas Sincey 00 Sincere | Lyda Logan 38 Unity
Jamika Witherspoon 28 Sparkle | Adrian Couch 53 Creativity
Niya Carr 43 Precision | LaKeisha Denson 9 Faith
Kantrell Shelton 51 True

In the absence of several members from the 1999-2000 squad, seven other Cheer Phi members were added at the beginning of the 2000-2001 season to tie the ends of the "new" Cheer Phi:

Football Season 2000-2001

Cheer Phi #& Name

Lauren Christian 11 Motivation
Latoya Silochan 13 Dedication
Nakia Palmer 39 Genuine
Lauren Outlaw 18 Confidence
Latoya Parker 22 Intelligence
Jermeka Hamilton 16 Will
Kelvin Berotte 8 Commitment