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Broncos Sports

The OC's lost a few members and thus a mid-season "basketball try-out" commenced. One person who planted herself on the field and made her presence known was Lyda Logan.

Lyda was good friends with Latoya Watson and former E.E. Smith Cheerleader. In tryouts, Lyda shined, the rest of us seemed nervous while Lyda moved as if she had constructed the cheers herself.

After making the squad, Lyda joined ranks with me as a JV Cheerleader with an infectious excitement and verve that allowed her to really show her stuff on front line. Lyda's favorite cheer was "Ain't No Competition". (also one of the try out cheers)

Our first game as new cheerleaders, I remember standing on the front row, looking over at Lyda and her smiling with her hands on her hips. She had just neatly brushed her eybrows (she hated bushy eyebrows) and had her game face on. She looked at me and said "We're about to shake this house down girl, you ready?"

A salute to Lyda Logan - an OC that cheered to my left. Her soul, was that of an OC - Constantly and Consistantlyshowing spirit.

JaMika Witherspoon
Class of 2003

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